Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Pro Life" hypocritical liar "Mitt The Mormon" Romney made money from fetus disposal.

The problem here isn't disposal of aborted fetuses-- the problem is "who is Mitt Romney?" As a Mormon Romney believes that whatever serves his Mormon religion is the truth, not the other way around. Mitt Romney believes that he is the realization of con man prophet Joseph Smith's White Horse Prophecy which predicted Mormon rule for America. What financial gain accrues to Romney also is sacred to the Mormon Church as he tithes to the cult (and more) in order to assure that once he dies he becomes a god of his very own planet with his very own bevy of multiple wives.

Mitt Romney On Abortion 2006 he supports women
s right to choose and will never flip flop on it- it's a principle he learned from his own mother!

What's your position on abortion? "I'm pro life."

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