Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Freedom of Speech By Immortal Technique

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Immortal Technique is a rapper from New York City who puts his beliefs out in no uncertain terms. His language is harsh and from the streets. The lyrics offend many people. I place this video here not only because I admire Immortal Technique but to express my outrage that a member of a racist cult is the candidate for President of the Republican Party. To imagine that Romney, who was a bishop of a Church that denied that black people are fully human is the moderate Republican who is defining the word "mainstream" is more outrageous than anything Immortal Technique says. You might be offended that his lyrics are misogynist and that he uses the "n" word. He uses irony and the "n" word in his context is an equalizer applied to all and in my estimation with a touch of affection too.


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